Light Up Frog Egg Ball | Stress Ball 💚

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Introducing our whimsical Light-Up Frog Egg Ball – more than just a stress ball, it's an enchanting sensory experience! This adorable frog-shaped egg ball is designed to bring joy and relaxation while captivating your senses with its unique features.

Filled with squishy goodness and featuring a color-changing light module, this ball offers a delightful tactile experience. As you give it a squeeze, enjoy the comforting squishiness while witnessing the mesmerizing effect of the color-changing lights illuminating the egg ball from within.

Whether you're seeking stress relief, a playful sensory adventure, or simply a charming addition to your collection, the Light-Up Frog Egg Ball promises a delightful blend of tactile satisfaction and enchanting light play. Embrace the joy of squishing, squeezing, and watching the adorable frog egg ball light up your world.