Mood Mudd

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Introducing the Mood Mudd - the magical dough that changes color with the warmth of your hands! Just like mood rings and bands, this soft and squishy dough will transform right before your eyes, creating a mesmerizing sensory experience like no other.

Each container of Mood Mudd holds a generous 4 ounces of this color-changing wonder. As you knead and mold the dough, watch in amazement as it reacts to the heat from your hands, shifting and transforming into a whole new hue. It's like having a mood ring in the palm of your hand!

With assorted colors available, each container of Mood Mudd is a surprise waiting to be discovered. Will you uncover a vibrant blue, a calming green, or a passionate red? The color selection is a mystery, adding an element of excitement to every play session.

Perfect for kids ages 4 and up, the Mood Mudd is a fantastic way to engage their senses and spark their creativity. Whether they're creating sculptures, playing with friends, or simply enjoying some quiet time, this color-changing dough is sure to provide endless hours of entertainment.

So why settle for ordinary dough when you can have the extraordinary? Experience the magic of the Mood Mudd and let your imagination run wild. Get yours today and watch as the colors come to life with the heat of your hands! Color is sent randomly.