*OMG Snuggle Me Scented Bedtime Buddy

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O.M.G. Snuggle Me! A Scented Bedtime Snuggle Buddy with its own Sleeping Bag!

O.M.G. Snuggle Me! Scented Bedtime Buddies are gently scented plush friends who hide in their sleeping bags waiting for their napping buddy to discover and snuggle with them.

Each Scented Bedtime Buddy comes in a surprise ‘blind bag’ and a sleeping bag with an activity sheet. It is super soft and has a unique scent and sleeping bag that matches its colorful, snuggly personality. There are up to 12 different scents to collect: Watermelon, Birthday Cake, Banana, Pineapple, Neapolitan, Choco Pudding, Cotton Candy, Raspberry, Grape Jelly, Creamsicle, Cinnamon Bun, and Blueberry Pie! Every delicious scent is guaranteed to last for 2 years.

Deliciously Scented!

O.M.G. Snuggle Me! Scent with 12 different scents to discover!

Plush tody

Discover What’s Inside!

Every bling bag has a scented Bedtime Buddy, a sleeping bag and an activity sheet!

Plush tody

Bedtime Ready!

Each Bedtime Buddy has an easy-to-open sleeping bag for quick bedtime snuggles!

Plush tody

Collect Them All!

There are 12 different scented Bedtime Buddies to discover and collect!


Sprinkles - the Unicorn

Gently scented with Birthday Cake!



Jubilee - the Bear

Gently scented with Watermelon!



Nina - the Bunny

Gently scented with Neapolitan Ice Cream!



Penny - the Kitty

Gently scented with Pineapple!



Bluebelle - the Puppy

Gently scented with Blueberry Pie!



Foster - the Monkey

Gently scented with Banana!



Puddles - the Pig

Gently scented with Chocolate Pudding



Cinnba - the Lion

Gently scented with Cinnamon Bun



Puffy - the Koala

Gently scented with Cotton Candy



Kit - the Tiger

Gently scented with Orange Creamsicle



Dozy - the Sloth

Gently scented with Grape Jelly



Razzi - the Raccoon

Gently scented with Raspberry


Features & details

  • OMG Snuggle Me! are gently scented, bedtime buddies hiding in a sleeping bag for ages 3+
  • Open the sleeping bag to uncover your SURPRISE bedtime buddy each with a colorful, snuggly personality and super soft feel
  • Each buddy has its own delicious scent which is guaranteed for 2 years
  • Collect, snuggle, and smell them all! Parents can now send their children to bed with the cutest bedtime companions ever. Sweet dreams!
  • Scents: PENNY(Pineapple), JUBILEE(Watermelon), FOSTER(Banana), SPRINKLES(Birthday Cake), NINA(Neapolitan), BLUEBELLE(Blueberry Pie), PUDDLES(Chocolate Pudding), CINNBA(Cinnamon Bun), Puffy(Cotton Candy), Kit(Orange Creamsicle), Dozy(Grape Jelly), or Razzi(Rasberry) / Every blind bag includes: An activity sheet, scented Bedtime Plush Toy, and Sleeping Bag

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