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Discover the enchantment of the Magic Mixies Magical Gem Surprise Water Magic Cauldron!

Let your child embark on a mystical journey with our medium-sized cauldron, unveiling the wonder of water magic to unveil various water elemental Mixie plushies and enchanting magic rings. Just sprinkle the bubble 'n' fizz dust into the cauldron, inscribe the Mixie's name on the scroll, and drop it in. Then, use the wand to add water and witness the bubbling and fizzing spectacle before a mesmerizing gem emerges from the top - a true "wow" moment! Inside the gem, your child will uncover a non-electronic water magic Mixie plushie along with a color-changing water magic ring!

Delight in creating and collecting 2 distinctive water Mixie plushies with the Magic Mixies Magical Gem Surprise Cauldron - it's a delightfully surprising experience that will captivate kids' imaginations!

Watch in awe as a gem magically emerges from the fizzing cauldron, revealing a water Mixie plushie and a charming magic ring tucked inside!