Magic Mixlings Tap and Reveal 2pc Cauldron 🔮

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Discover the world of Mixlings! These cute new breeds of Magic Mixies are waiting to be created by you.

Create 2 Mixlings with the Tap & Reveal Cauldron. Lift the lid to find your Wand, rub the gem on your Cauldron to reveal their rarity, then tap the Cauldron with your wand and say 'Magicus Mixus' to make your Mixlings magically appear!

  • Use your wand to activate their magical powers.
  • Discover Enchanters, Fliers, Vanishers, Spellsters, and Morphlings.
  • 40+ to create and collect across Series 1!

 Not only does your Tap & Reveal Cauldron have a magical, repeatable unboxing, but you can also use your Cauldron to house your Mixlings after you are finished performing spells and magic. Or, you can use the Tap & Reveal Cauldron to keep other trinkets and treasures in. The Cauldrons also make a cute display all lined up on a shelf together.

The magic begins as soon as you take your Tap & Reveal Cauldron home! Start to unlock your Mixlings powers by rubbing the magic gem on the front of your Cauldron with your fingers. Wait....what's that? A magic symbol will begin to appear right before your eyes. Will the symbol tell you your Mixlings are Common, Rare, or Ultra-Rare? Then, say the magic words 'Magicus Mixus', tap the Cauldron with your wand, and watch in amazement as your 2 Mixlings magically appear in the Cauldron! Surprise your family and friends by repeating the Cauldron Gem and Mixlings reveal again and again!