Ripped from the Headlines | National Geographic Weird but True

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Dive into the extraordinary with "Ripped from the Headlines | National Geographic Weird but True." This captivating book takes you on a wild journey through bizarre and fascinating real-life stories, handpicked from the headlines by National Geographic. From peculiar discoveries to mind-bending facts, each page offers a riveting glimpse into the extraordinary side of our world. Immerse yourself in the unexpected, as this collection of weird but true tales sparks curiosity and amazement. With National Geographic's signature blend of accuracy and wonder, this book is a must-have for anyone seeking the unexpected wonders that our planet has to offer.


Did you know that a town in Spain celebrates an annual Tomato fight?  That British police are still searching for crooks who stole 60,000 bees from their hive? These are just a few of the bizarre but totally true stories you'll find in this exciting new addition to the popular Weird But True series that prove fact IS often stranger than fiction! In keeping with Weird But True's signature style, this book features cool photos, a fun design, and plenty of zany stories from current day and history.