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🧲🌟 Unleash your creativity and banish stress with our Speks Building Magnets! This set comes with 512 rare earth magnets, each one smaller than the original Buckyballs but packed with endless possibilities.

CREATE: Let your imagination run wild as you build and engineer limitless shapes and structures. From intricate sculptures to simple geometric forms, the only limit is your creativity.

STRESS RELIEF: Whether you're in the boardroom or the dorm room, our Speks Building Magnets are the perfect stress-busting companion. Mash and smash stress away as you create, transform, and explore the endless possibilities of magnetic construction.

INCLUDED: Each set comes with 512 rare earth magnetic balls (2.5mm diameter), a metal building base, a plastic splitter card, a 16-page starter guide, and a carrying case. Everything you need to start your magnetic adventure!

AGES 14+: Our Speks Building Magnets are designed for ages 14 and up. Please keep away from all children. Magnet flux index less than 30.

So why not add a touch of creativity and relaxation to your day? Get your Speks Building Magnets today and start building your stress away! 🧲🌟 #SpeksBuildingMagnets #StressRelief #CreateAndRelax