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Introducing the Toysmith Unicorn Poop Moldable Putty! This best-selling toy is perfect for kids who love all things magical and sparkly. With its glittery pink color and fun poop shape, it's sure to bring giggles and entertainment to playtime.

The Unicorn Poop Moldable Putty is not just any ordinary putty. It's soft, squishy, and moldable, allowing kids to shape it into different forms and creations. They can stretch it, twist it, and mold it into whatever their imagination desires.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Watch as the putty slowly melts in your hands, creating a mesmerizing and satisfying experience. Once it melts, you can re-mold it and start the fun all over again. It's a sensory experience that kids will love.

The glittery pink color adds an extra touch of magic and sparkle to the playtime. It's perfect for unicorn lovers and those who enjoy all things whimsical. The putty is also non-toxic and safe for kids to play with, giving parents peace of mind.

Whether you're looking for a fun gift or a way to keep kids entertained, the Toysmith Unicorn Poop Moldable Putty is a fantastic choice. It's a toy that brings joy, creativity, and a touch of magic to playtime.

Order your Toysmith Unicorn Poop Moldable Putty today and let the squishy, sparkly fun begin! Watch as your child's imagination takes flight with this whimsical and entertaining toy.





1.23 oz. of unicorn putty. 4¾” x 6-5/8” blister card. 11¾” x 6¼“ x 6¾” display. Recommended for 5 years and up.