Wizard Science Experiment Kit

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Step into the enchanting world of wizardry with the Wizard Science Experiment Kit! Unleash your inner sorcerer as you don your feathered hat and wield your magic wand, ready to embark on a journey of scientific discovery and mystical wonders.

This captivating kit features 19 amazing activities that will transport you into a realm of magic and intrigue. Learn the secrets of potion-making as you mix and blend various ingredients to create your very own magical elixirs. Decode ancient messages using the power of science and unravel the mysteries of the wizarding world.

Designed for kids aged 8 and above, this kit is perfect for those who have a passion for both science and magic. It's a unique and exciting way to engage their curiosity, foster their love for learning, and ignite their imagination. Whether they're conducting experiments alone or sharing the magic with friends, this kit is sure to provide hours of educational and entertaining fun.

So, if you're ready to embark on a journey of wizardry and scientific exploration, the Wizard Science Experiment Kit is your ticket to a world of enchantment. Unleash your inner wizard and let the magic unfold before your eyes. Get your kit today and prepare to be spellbound!

27 Contents Included — Use Magic wand, Clips, Magizoological Cards, Feather, Magnets, Balloons and much more pieces of this magic kit to conduct many activities for kids.

STEM Educational Toy — Science4You aims to develop educational toys that combine fun with education by encouraging curiosity and experimentation.

Instruction Manual in 7 Languages: English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Dutch